Creating an Heirloom


My studio is located in my pre-Civil War home in historic Crescent Hill.  I can photograph both indoors and outdoors.  And in color or black-and-white.


I like to take a lot of photographs during a sitting.  You will probably have 40 or more images to choose from.  Because only you know what is a true expression of your child.  I like to photograph everything ...sitting ...standing ...close-ups.  Laughing, tantrums, daydreaming ...sometimes even sleeping.  Then you can decide what is most special for you.


And do not worry if your child is at that "terrible" stage.  All kids get cranky or decide at some point that they just don't feel like cooperating today.  On that very rare occasion that it just won't work, we'll try again another day at no extra charge for you.  You can't miss!


I see these photographs as a piece of your child's history.  For you to cherish today.  For your child to cherish tomorrow.  And for her children to enjoy in the future.


I am very proud to be a part of this process and have a few suggestions that I think are helpful.


Clothing Suggestions


When choosing clothing, think simple and classic.  We want these portraits to look timeless and not dated.


For Little Girls:


  • You can go as simple as a cotton slip and bare feet.   Or dress up with elegant silk dupioni, or satin, which reflects light and shadow so beautifully in the folds of the fabric.
  • Tights photograph better than socks because they don't break up the line of the legs.  But bare feet never go out of style.
  • Hand-smocked dresses with simple patterns always say "little girl".
  • Hair ribbons and bows should not be so large that they steal the show.
  • Sometimes hats are adorable...sometimes not.  But we can try.
  • Bare-bottomed babies are also an option.
  • We can change clothes as many times as your little one will allow.  This is the time to try funky or trendy clothes.  But only after we have exhausted the possibilities with your first choice and we're confident that we have a classic, beautiful portrait.


For Little Boys:


  • Babies and toddlers can wear cotton or linen in one or two-piece outfits.  Silk dupioni photographs beautifully if you want to go dressier.  Also a satin edge to a cotton collar adds dimension.
  • Cotton or linen outfits with smocking make classic portraits.
  • Barefooted boys in denim overalls, or shortalls with no shirts, photograph particularly well in black and white.
  • Babies, that are old enough to sit up, photograph better without shoes, as the bottom of the shoes is what will show in the photograph.
  • Sailor suits have stood the test of time.
  • White or khaki or seersucker shorts can be worn on the bigger young man.  Crisply ironed oxford cloth shirts with rolled up sleeves, or simple polo shirts pair well with the shorts.
  • Jeans are another possibility.  Sweaters, turtlenecks or even plain white t-shirts are also combinations to consider.


More Than One:


You want to consider four things when planning a portrait with more than one person.


  • All the subjects should be dressed for the same season.
  • Steer clear of busy patterns.
  • The degree of formality should be similar.  A little girl in a dressy dress should not be photographed with her brother in casual wear.
  • The tonal range of the colors needs to blend.  Choose light colors or dark colors. Your eye naturally goes to the person dressed in the lightest color.  The little girl in a pale yellow dress will garner all the attention if her sisters are dressed in navy blue.


However, you can purposefully choose contrasting tones if you want to focus the attention on a particular person.  For instance, parents may choose to dress in black so they become more of a backdrop to their naked infant or baby dressed in pale blue.


For All Seniors:


I specialize in classic portraiture that focuses on you...not goofy props, dizzy angles and brightly colored backgrounds.


I want to do senior pictures that your children won't make fun of decades from now.  My mother's high school picture was taken 60 years ago.  And I still marvel at how beautiful she looks in the silver frame that I see every morning on my dresser.


Of course, I am happy to do the pictures that you want and there is room for a variety of poses.  But my focus will be on gracefully capturing this beautiful time of your life for posterity ... for you, your family and your friends.


In the studio ...  outside along the brick walks and ivy covered lamp posts and trees ... in color and black-and-white.  You'll be as proud of your portraits today as you will be years from now when you show them to your kids!


Senior Girls:


  • Wear make-up as you would for a special event, but not too trendy.  A soft-colored lipstick, blush and mascara make a big difference.  Even if you don't normally wear make-up, at least apply these basics for your sitting.  The studio lights will really wash out your features without makeup.
  • Don't worry if you are having a bad complexion week, as all blemishes will be retouched in your final prints.
  • When choosing your clothing, think particularly about the neckline, sleeve length and color of your tops for those photographs you may want to consider for your yearbook portrait.
  • You are welcome to change your outfits as many times as you like.  But remember that YOU are the subject of these photographs, not your clothes.  Try to choose classic clothes that show off your best features.  You may want to bring a variety of items and I will be happy to help you with your choices, from jeans and tank tops to prom or graduation dresses.
  • What about your hair?  Do you need to plan for a haircut or highlights?
  • Try not to overtan.  I can warm up your skin tones a bit, if you feel you are too pale.  But too much tan looks even more exaggerated in photos and can not be made to look natural.


Relax.  Call me with any questions you may have this... will be fun!


Senior Boys:


  • You are welcome to bring jeans, khakis, oxford cloth shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts,  shorts ...whatever else you are comfortable in.  Even though it is summer, it's not too hot to wear sweaters in the studio. And don't be embarrassed to bring too much.  I can help you choose.
  • Do you need a haircut?  Plan your timing so your hair is at the right length at the time of the sitting.  Just don't wear a cap on the way to your session.  I will literally put your head in the sink to get rid of "hat hair" if I have to.  Trust me ... I have done it.
  • Don’t worry about blemishes.  Everyone has them and all your finished prints will be completely retouched no matter how bad a day you might be having.
  • Considering bringing a coat and tie, or a suit, even if you don't want to.  You never know when you might need a formal picture, so let's do it while we have the opportunity.


So call with any questions and don't wait until the last minute to schedule an appointment.  I promise you this will be painless and you may even enjoy it!